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Mat Ollig’s Final Art Sale,

RGB Grand Unveiling!!

November 20-22


Thank You, for an Exceptionally Successful:

The wall of Mat Ollig’s Art prior to the MCAD Art Sale. Hours later, only several paintings remained.

The final MCAD Art Sale for Mat Ollig was a rousing success. After participating in eight of the annual pre-Thanksgiving events held at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Mat loaded up his car of the few remaining paintings following the sale for the last time.

However, all was not bitter-sweet; the 2014 Art Sale was also the grand reveal of a new style of painting that Mat had been developing quietly over the past seven years. He has invented a method of creating full-color paintings using only thin lines of red, blue, & green oil paint; painstakingly applied with a tiny brush with half of the bristols removed to allow still thinner lines to be created.

The opening night of the MCAD’s Art Sale saw 17 of these paintings whisked off the walls by eager collectors.

These newest paintings composed of classical compositions: still-lives, architecture, landscapes, and figurative paintings.

“I needed to rediscover how to paint again,” Ollig stated. “This new technique is completely counter-intuitive, and the first twenty paintings each explored a new aspect of the painting process. The next paintings will incorporate the visual, and compositional elements of my previous work with this new RGB painting technique.”

Mat plans on creating larger paintings, and incorporating the photo-collaged subject matter his work is most notably known for. Time, however, will be his largest foe.

“Essentially,” Ollig explains, “I’m painting the same painting four or five times, not including the tweaking and subtle color corrections that always take the most time. Needless to say, these new paintings take significantly more time than my previous work.”

Regardless of the time involved, this patient artist is sure to astound us when he releases his next works in his new RGB series of paintings. His work already graces the lobby and guest rooms of the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency, Ogletree Deakins’ lawfirm, and many private collections in the region, and is on the short list of one of the must-have up-and-coming artists working in Minneapolis.   

“Basket of Fruit” The yellow is painted using red & green, and the white is red, blue and green.