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After a very long hiatus, is finally being given a new makeover and being update with new artwork and content. While it is live, it is still under construction. Not all the links work and several sections are just placeholders. However, many new paintings are posted, and everything will be ironed out over the next several days. Thank you for your patience.

2018 State Arts Board Grant

Mat Ollig recieved the 2018 Artist's Intiative from the Minnesota State Arts Board. With this grant, he will be traveling around the perimeter of Minnesota with his restored 19th Century French easel (pictured) and painting the border towns that line greater Minnesota. Originally he was to do this journey in spring of 2018, however, a severe injury to his painting hand, in addition to a lack of spring weather in the state, delayed his journey. Instead, he will be traveling this fall, which has the added benefit of being able to capture the incredible fall colors of the the great state of Minnesota.

Solo Show @ The Phipps

Thank you to everyone who attended Mat's solo show at the Phipps this past June and for helping make it a wonderful success.

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